Sewer & Water Line Replacements

Sewer Repair in Buffalo, NY

Sewer and water lines are essential to the functionality of your home. Imagine not having a way to flush away waste or having no access to water for laundry, showers, cleaning, or drinking. That’s why it’s important to trust an expert to take care of sewer repairs and water lines should a problem arise.

Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Sewer Lines

Sewer lines take waste from the bathroom, kitchen, or basement right to your sewer or septic tank. They are usually installed as PVC pipes. If something were to happen that would disrupt the flow of your sewer pipes, Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service can come in and repair or replace these pipes. Common issues include busted pipes, leaks, and other damage. Trust Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service to re-pipe your sewer line.

Directing Water From Wells and Other Sources

Water pipes direct water from wells and other sources of clean water to your bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, or irrigation system outside. These pressurized lines can easily be damaged and lead to leaks or busted pipes. Don’t waste water; call Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service to repair or replace your water line. We can also offer help to keep your pipes from freezing during the cold Buffalo winter.

Emergency Plumbing Service and Replacement

Customers can also ask about storm sewer and bubbler installation from Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service. We also offer trenchless pipe installations and service and installation of hot water heaters. Make sure you have hot water this upcoming season and allow us to service your water heater by contacting us today! 
Sewer & Water Line Repair in Buffalo, NY

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