Rooter Service & Drain Cleaning

Rooter Service in Buffalo, NY

Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service has all the resources and technology we need to unclog drains and sewers. Whatever is causing a blockage can easily be taken care of.

Unclogging Your Residential Pipes & Sewers!

Rooter service literally means removing unwanted and stubborn roots that clog drains underground. This is done by sharp, spinning blades that can easily cut through roots and other debris. This service is used often to unclog pipes and sewers.

Drain Cleaning Services in Buffalo, NY

Our drain cleaning services can be used to unclog kitchen drains filled with food and grease, shower and tub drains clogged with hair and soap, bathroom sinks that also fill up with hair and soap, as well as toothpaste, toilet drains clogged by toilet paper, or other obstructions in basement and downspout drains. Homeowners can call us for emergency sewer cleaning services when backups occur. 

Emergency Sump Pump & Backup Battery Service

We have an emergency sump pump team that can make sure your sump pump is functioning properly and working to pump water away from your home. If you don’t have a sump pump, we can install one for you, especially if your basement has flooded. Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service can also make sure you have a water backup battery system that acts as an emergency sump pump when the power goes out. 

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service will also use high-pressure water jetting to blast through the debris in your drain to clear it out. We can also provide preventative products that can be used in drains to help them flow more freely and prevent buildups. If you have a clogged drain, the team to trust for instant cleaning solutions is Superior Plumbing & Rooter Service. 
Rooter Service & Sump Pumps in Buffalo, NY
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